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Pressure Grouting / Slab Repair

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Slab Repair Concrete Failure

Settlement occurring on garage floors, sidewalks, porches, and other slabs is often caused by water, erosion, pour compaction, vibration, breakdown of organic material, and other factors. New construction and existing structures are affected, but can be raised back to original elevation.

animation (animated gif) showing pressure grouting process

Common Names Used To Describe Slab Repair

  • Pressure Grouting
  • Mud Jacking
  • Slab Jacking

No matter what the name the process is very similar.

  • Holes are drilled in the slab
  • An environmentally safe grout is pumped into the existing void
  • With void filled pressure builds and slab is lifted
helical slab bracket

Helical Slab Repair Brackets

Another useful but more involved fix is a Helical slab repair bracket. Common applications in commercial and industrial slabs with heavy traffic or heavy machinery loads. Slab repair brackets are also used in areas where pressure grouting has failed due to continuing subsidence. When stabilizing uneven or damaged floors. Bolt adjusts through cup fitting on top of anchor so channel lifts floor.

large load slab repair

Heavy Equipment / Industrial Applications

Slab repair piles are laid out according to the construction of the slab and the location of the failure.

It is also common to fill the voids after correction with pressure grouting.

There are several different methods to address each unique foundation failure. For more information be sure to check our FAQs Section or Contact USS for a permanent foundation repair solution.

What do our customers think about USS LTD?

What do our customers think about USS LTD?


"I thought USS did an excellent job with every aspect of this project. Everyone was very professional and courteous. I have nothing but good things to say about USS. I would definitely recommend USS for this type of work."

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