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Charleston WV Location: 304-758-9638
Charleston WV Location 513-463-5425
Lancaster KY Location: 859-295-6424
Lexington KY Location: 859-328-6238


  • General FAQ

    • How Much Do You Charge For An Estimate?
      We always offer free estimates to homeowners. When our trained representative comes to your home, we will provide a complete analysis and honest evaluation. We will provide a written estimate if repairs are needed.
    • Do I Need An Independent Engineer?
      During the site visit we will measure the construction levels and offer our opinion based on facts. It is always helpful to have another professional's opinion that represents your best interest. Refer to our Links Section for a professional in your area.
    • Does United Structural Systems Use Contract Labor?
      We employ a full time staff of trained office personnel, representatives and installers.
    • Do You Provide References?
      We repair thousands of homes each year and would be glad to provide references in your local area. Please ask your representative. Or use our Referral Search.
    • What Happens If I Wait To Repair The Damage To My Home?
      These problems won't go away by themselves. Left untreated, the damage can worsen, destroying your home's look and value. Chances are your home is your most important investment - one that you need to protect.
    • Can I Expect My House To Be Perfectly Realigned When The Job Is Done?
      Although United Structural Systems, Ltd., Inc., it may attempt to realign the area serviced it cannot be guaranteed that this will happen. Each situation is unique and each structure can react differently to a realignment. We will not realign a structure if there seems to be an increased risk of causing further damage to the property. The goal is to stabilize.
    • Will I Still Be Able To See The Cracks In My Masonry, Stone, Block Walls After The Job Is Completed?
      United Structural Systems, Ltd., Inc. will repair visible cracks in the mortar joints of masonry, stone, or block walls as it is needed. However, the mortar used to repair the joints is new and the color will probably be somewhat different from the existing mortar. This condition should improve over time as the new mortar is "weathered". Also, if the cracks do not close when we attempt to restore the structure to its original position, some of the repaired joints may be larger than the surrounding original joints.
    • What Will Happen Inside My House?
      Interior cracks may or may not close when a structure is realigned. Also, any cracks that have been repaired may re-appear as a structure is realigned or new cracks may appear. These things are normal and can be repaired by a drywall or plaster contractor. Doors and windows in the area of repair will be monitored for proper function before and after an attempt to re-align.
    • What Caused My House To Settle?
      One of the most common questions we get asked: "what caused my house to settle?" In many cases is it lack of, or too much water. Either gutters overflowing, or there are damaged downspout discharges. Over time, standard drain tiles will become compromised. Common occurrences are crushing, roots, or buildup of soils. These drains need to be maintained and inspected to ensure they are performing correctly.
    • Is The Damage Covered By Insurance?
      Typically foundation and waterproofing repairs are not covered under your home owners policy, unless it was a man-made line that caused the damage. (Water line, sewer line, street drain, etc.) If you have a sump pump in your home, be sure to contact your insurance. You will need an additional policy to cover damages if it fails.
    • How Long Will Repairs Take?
      It depends on the project and weather. We work year around. The typical job is 2-4 days. Major repairs can take weeks.
    • What Is My Warranty?
      We offer several warranty options depending on project. Be careful what others promise! We have seen advertised warranties listed as "Lifetime" and when you read the fine print that may mean: 7 years, labor not included, transfer clauses, product only... Bottom line, research the company you are going to partner with. Additionally, don't fall for the 50 years in business franchise advertising. Chances are the it is individual franchises first year in business.
    • When Can You Start?
      We typically run about 4-6 weeks back logged. Emergencies and other factors, such as a closing, do get priority.
    • Why Are We Different?
      We have worked very hard to break the typical "Contractor" stereotype. We are a family-owned business and take a tremendous pride in what we do. Our goal is to provided a needed service at a competitive price to maintain and thrive so that we may continue to pass it down generation after generation. We have over 20 years under the same proud name.
    • Is This The Final Price Or Are There Hidden Charges?
      Our repairs are based on what we can see or what has been designed by the engineers. Change orders are very rare. If we do uncover an unforeseen issue it must be approved by you before we proceed.
    • Do You Finance? Is There A Payment Plan?
      Yes, we offer several options for payment schedules or financing: "12 months no interest, no payments" and 10 years minimum payments.